Not every birth is easy part 1


As promised this is the story of my son’s birth….. (warning it’s a long one) I may have to write this in a few posts.

The journey of my son’s birth began on March 22nd, 2011 I went in for a regular prenatal checkup. My doctor noticed that I was measuring small for how far along I was, so she sent me over to be put on a monitor that day for an hour. At 34 weeks 4 days I was only measuring at 32 weeks. She also set up another ultrasound for the next day.
March 23rd I went in for my ultrasound and the tech did not seem happy about what she saw on the screen but she would not tell me anything. I left there thinking ” well that was weird” but, I didn’t think much else of it.
March 24th 8am I get a phone call from my doctor (not a nurse in her office actually her). The tone of her voice seemed worried as she told me I had 1 hour to get to the hospital to be pot on a monitor, and that we were looking at delivering that day or the next. I call my mother and my aunt to come sit at the hospital with me until we knew what was going on. I spent all day at the hospital and then finally my doctor comes in and says you have an appointment with a specialist in the city tomorrow BE THERE! You are now a high risk pregnancy.
March 25th we make the 2 hour drive to the city, and go in for a special ultrasound. (yes that’s right 2nd ultrasound 3 days). I am 35 weeks at this point, and the doctor that did this ultrasound said my son was only 3 lbs 15 oz. His umbilical cord was pinched where it entered his stomach and was keeping the nutrients he needed from getting to him. They did an amniocentesis while in there (ouch those things hurt! The doc. said it feels like period cramps, uh ya right doc. if my cramps felt like that id be screaming somebody kill me from bed). My little redneck started reaching for the needle as it intruded on his territory and helped liven up the atmosphere in the room. I was sent immediately over and admitted to the hospital to wait for the results of the test, and was told they would deliver that day if my son’s lungs were developed enough for him to breath on his own. I get settled in and wait for delivery while my husband and aunt run out to get some preemie clothes, we were entirely unprepared for this, it had never crossed our mind that we would not have the typical birth experience. No one ever expects something bad to happen there is not enough talk about the things that could go wrong with pregnancy. True we couldn’t have done anything to truly prepare for it, but had we had an idea of the things that could go wrong we could have attempted to be mentally prepared.

To be continued