Long time no see…

So I took some time off from the blog unintentionally though. Last summer things got so mundane I just couldn’t see a reason to post about it, no point in boring y’all with all that mess. It seemed like we were working on the well every week, so we couldn’t water the garden the way it needed so that was a bust, didn’t get much from it but hoping to have better success this year. I also started making soap last summer and have fallen in love with it! I was hoping to be able to start a business selling it once I had it all down and had hammered out my own recipe, unfortunately I decided to let a lady join me in making a batch one day as a way of making  a friend here and she took advantage of me. She already had a client base because she sold eggs, butter, and milk from her farm, she started selling milk soap to her clients before I had a chance to get my business started so because of that I have had no luck in getting anyone interested in my soaps. However I refuse to give up and will eventually make it work I’m just having to take it slow. Of all the things that happened last summer I think the best was my daughter’s first birthday it was so much fun watching her dig into her cupcake. Time flies by so fast, I hadn’t even realized it had been so long since I posted until I took time to look at my blog. 


Not every birth is easy part 3

Here we go again sorry it has been so long….

Finally they found blood and platelets and we were ready to go. I’m take back and prepped for my surgery, they strap me down to the table and start my IV anesthesia ( I remember thinking please let me wake up and see my baby as I drafted off). My son was born at 4:18 pm on April 2nd weighing 4 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 inches long. I woke up in the recovery room for about a minute, my husband tried to show me our son but I didn’t have my glasses so I couldn’t see him and I was still so out of it from the medicine. Threw the rest of the day our family and friends came in to see our son, while I was passed out in the bed. I can vaguely remember waking up one time and asking for a blanket and then passing right back out. I did not truly see my son until midnight that night. We were relieved we thought we were in the clear I had survived and so had our son, but the next morning brought more bad news. It was discovered that our son had a heart condition and would have to have surgery. On top of that he was developing jaundice and had to be moved to the NICU.
April 6th. At only 3 days old our son went in for his surgery. As we dropped him off at the door the doctor told us go ahead and say your goodbyes this may be the last time you see him alive. Meanwhile I was being relesed from the hospital and we had to find a place to stay for the night. We get a motel room and then go to get my prescriptions filled which means we end up driving around Oklahoma city for an hour trying to find a pharmacy that was open since it was after 5pm, and if you have ever been to OKC you know the pot holes are terrable which hurt so bad after my csection. Anyway our son finally comes out of surgery and was doing fine.
My husband had to go back home and go back to work the next day so my aunt stayed with me to help me get back and forth to baby boys room. We spent the next week and a half up there with him in the NICU. The day we finally got to bring him home was so magical.

As of now he’s doing good, he has regular checkups with a cardiologist and is having some trouble gaining weight but other than that he’s an amazing little boy. Who loves being a big brother, playing outside and working on daddy’s truck with him.

Thank you all for reading about our journey

Not every birth is easy part 2

Let’s see if I can finish this story in this post without it being super long.

We kept waiting for the results of the amniocentesis but for some reason it took them until the 28th before they had them. At that point they told us that our son’s lungs were not developed enough, so get settled in for a long stay. I spent the next few days stuck in the hospital having ultrasounds every other day, and kinda on bedrest. I was only allowed to walk the halls twice a week and I could go outside once a week, the rest of the time they wanted me to stay in bed and I could eat as much as I wanted. Although sometimes it felt like they were trying to shove food down my throat.
March 30th. I think my gastral reflux is starting to act up, but I take some rolaids and it goes away. I develope a rash on my arm where the medical bands are and no one knows why because they are hypoallergenic.
March 31st. My husband had to go home to get back to work.
April 1st. My mom and aunt and uncle had come up to see me. Nothing out of the ordinary happened that day, until about 5 pm when my family had to leave I started feeling like I was having heartburn. I wasn’t worried about it because I had experienced heartburn my whole pregnancy, I took some Rolaids and expected it to go away soon. 2 hours later it hadn’t went away so I called the nurse told her what was going on and she brought me something else for it. Another hour She comes to check on me and it hadn’t helped so she brings me something else. By 10 pm they were getting worried because nothing was helping they brought me something called a green lizard to help numb and calm the burn, they also took some blood. Finally the pain went away and I was able to get some sleep.
April 2nd. 7 am I am awoken by a knock at my door and in flies this doctor. I am still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes when she says ” your having a baby today!”. I’m thinking lady you’ve got the wrong room I’m stuck here for at least another week. Then she drops the bomb… ” you’re dying and only have 6 hours to deliver”. Instantly I’m awake and thinking what is going on, I’m starting to panic when she says ” I’ll be back soon with your other doctors and we will explain more.” I pick up my phone and call my husband I tell him that we were going to have a baby today. His reply ” ha ha babe April fools was yesterday.” I finally get him to realize I wasn’t joking and he instantly snapped into worried daddy/hubby, as we are talking the doctors come in so I tell him I’ll call him back. The head doctor begins to explain I have a condition called HELLP syndrome and it’s causing my kidneys and liver to shut down. Here is a site that explains what HELLP is. http://www.preeclampsia.org/health-information/hellp-syndrome
The doctors tell me they want to induce me immediately, so they send in a nurse to check and see if I was dialated any so they could choose which was the best way to proceed. Shortly after another nurse comes in to transfer me to a delivery room and begins to freek over the fact that I didn’t have an IV, I had to explain 3 times that I had been there for a week and hadn’t needed one yet. She gets me in a wheelchair and away we go, she is literally running down the hall with me. It was at this point that I started to shake a little from being scared. They get me in a delivery bed put in an IV and start me on magnesium. Then the nurse from before comes in to place a catheter and again freeks out because she had never placed one in someone who hadn’t already had an epidural (You see I couldn’t have one due to my condition). Finally my family gets there everyone except my husband. A doctor comes in and starts asking me if I wanted to have a c-section and explains what’s going on to my mother, while I’m staring at him like he’s speaking Klingon. My uncle speaks up and asks if I can wait for my husband to get there, to which the doctor replies how long till he gets here. My cousin had already called my husband and see where he was and tells the doc. that he was just pulling into the parking garage. ” ok we can wait that long” days the doc. Once my hubby made it to my room my mom tells him what’s going on and I tell him I’ll do what ever he thinks because I couldn’t make that choice at that moment. I was so scared and the magnesium was making me feel sick. My husband told me to do it so I signed the papers and they started prepping the operating room, unfortunately they had to have blood and platlets on hand before they could start and they didn’t have my type. Then it became a waiting game while they found some and had it mediflited in.

Let’s stop there for a bit. This is getting long.

( to be continued)

Not every birth is easy part 1


As promised this is the story of my son’s birth….. (warning it’s a long one) I may have to write this in a few posts.

The journey of my son’s birth began on March 22nd, 2011 I went in for a regular prenatal checkup. My doctor noticed that I was measuring small for how far along I was, so she sent me over to be put on a monitor that day for an hour. At 34 weeks 4 days I was only measuring at 32 weeks. She also set up another ultrasound for the next day.
March 23rd I went in for my ultrasound and the tech did not seem happy about what she saw on the screen but she would not tell me anything. I left there thinking ” well that was weird” but, I didn’t think much else of it.
March 24th 8am I get a phone call from my doctor (not a nurse in her office actually her). The tone of her voice seemed worried as she told me I had 1 hour to get to the hospital to be pot on a monitor, and that we were looking at delivering that day or the next. I call my mother and my aunt to come sit at the hospital with me until we knew what was going on. I spent all day at the hospital and then finally my doctor comes in and says you have an appointment with a specialist in the city tomorrow BE THERE! You are now a high risk pregnancy.
March 25th we make the 2 hour drive to the city, and go in for a special ultrasound. (yes that’s right 2nd ultrasound 3 days). I am 35 weeks at this point, and the doctor that did this ultrasound said my son was only 3 lbs 15 oz. His umbilical cord was pinched where it entered his stomach and was keeping the nutrients he needed from getting to him. They did an amniocentesis while in there (ouch those things hurt! The doc. said it feels like period cramps, uh ya right doc. if my cramps felt like that id be screaming somebody kill me from bed). My little redneck started reaching for the needle as it intruded on his territory and helped liven up the atmosphere in the room. I was sent immediately over and admitted to the hospital to wait for the results of the test, and was told they would deliver that day if my son’s lungs were developed enough for him to breath on his own. I get settled in and wait for delivery while my husband and aunt run out to get some preemie clothes, we were entirely unprepared for this, it had never crossed our mind that we would not have the typical birth experience. No one ever expects something bad to happen there is not enough talk about the things that could go wrong with pregnancy. True we couldn’t have done anything to truly prepare for it, but had we had an idea of the things that could go wrong we could have attempted to be mentally prepared.

To be continued

Farmstead chaos

Wow! It’s been hectic on the farmstead. We’ve had one sick kid, a broke down well pump, another kid learning to crawl,  and a few other things happening all at once. I have felt like my head was going to explode from the chaos. My hope is that you all will forgive me for not posting for so many days. The biggest thing has been the well we have fought that darn thing for days now we think we have it fixed and then something else happens with it. By the time we get it all straightened out were gonna be pros with it (lol). We have it fixed to the point we have water but we keep getting sand so we’re gonna have to work on it some more maybe shorten the line or something. ( fingers crossed) I’m so done with messing with this I hope we get it totally fixed soon. My son was sick all week and had to miss school which to him is a punishment, at least right now I’m sure that will change as he gets older. Which is part of why it has been so hard to work on the well. Iv been running around behind him disinfecting everything trying to keep my baby girl from getting it too. Despite everything going on this past week we did get a reminder to take time and enjoy the little things, baby girl started trying to crawl. She has figured out how to stand on her hands and toes and then kinda throw herself forward to get places, and she has been doing her own version of the army crawl. Children grow up way to fast and it puts a smile on my face every time I get to take a minute and enjoy my kids. Don’t let the chaos get you down, embrace it, and use it as energy for other things. It has taken me way to long to learn that, but I’m glad that I have.

Looking foward

I think cabin fever has started to kick in. I find myself thinking about all the things I need and want to get done this spring and summer. Iv been trying to plan a garden which is something iv never done so it’s been interesting. Doing research on how to set it up and what to plant. You see iv never had luck with plants until last year, my husband got me a small rose bush for Valentine’s and somehow iv managed to keep it alive so far. When we first moved in together my husband had a mint plant I tried helping him with it for 2 weeks and killed it, before that I got some cactus plants my senior year of high school I killed them within a month and a half. To say I had a brown thumb is an understatement, which is why I’m a little nervous about the garden but where there is a will there is a way ( or at least I hope, haha). Something else iv been thinking about is what animals we will be getting, of course chickens my son loves chickens and their great for several reasons. A few other animals we have been thinking about are pigs, goats, maybe some rabbits, a couple horses and my father-in-law already has cattle that we have been helping with. So many protects to get done this summer and they seem to be bouncing around in my head right now, I hope I can get them organized soon that way we have a plan and can get started as soon as it warms up. I’m feeling so cooped up I look forward to getting to start all these projects if nothing else just to get them out of my head.

Baby girl

Today I am thankful for huggies diapers. Our daughter has such sensitive skin we can’t use any other brand of diaper or wipes on her. We had a different brand given to us as a gift so we tried using them unfortunately she did not take to them well. She gets this very bad rash any time we use anything other than higgies, a rash that looks closer to a burn than a rash. She is doing better now that we got her back in her brand and put cream on the rash. Using cloth diapers was not something I was looking forward to having to do, if I had to use them to keep her safe I would, but I’m very glad huggies work.


Expect the unexpected this is Oklahoma after all. We have wasps living in the attic, I had hoped the snow would have froze them into hibernation but Noooo. Stupid things just keep coming, can’t even find where they keep getting in at. I was stung again today hurt like a bitch but at least it wasn’t the baby. My biggest fear right now is that she gets stung. Hopefully we can get rid of them soon. We have a few things we are going to try, but if any of you have any suggestions we will gladly try them. Our attic is a different then most because the house we are in is an old farm house that was built in sections and none of the ceilings are the same height so the attic is kinda like an obstacle course.

Deciding to blog

When I was in high school I used to write a lot, mostly poetry I was quite inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Going into college I thought I would become a journalist, but with time and the busyness of life things changed and it has been far too long since I’ve done any writing.
Until recently, I hardly knew anything about blogging, I had had very little experience with blogs. Yes, I had seen them thanks to links on Facebook and pinterest but most I hadn’t even realized were blogs. I still have plenty to learn about blogging, but I am willing to learn and look forward to it along with sharing my sucesses and failures at blogging and other projects on the farm. I am enjoying getting back to writing again, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

New Adventure

2015 brought many new things to our lives, after several years we finally moved to the farm. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter making our trio into a quartet, and my son started pre-k just to name a few.
With the start of 2016 I had an idea to share our struggles as we embark on this journey, because we have many things we need/want to do. After having our son almost 5 years ago my husband and I decided we needed a change thanks to the scary way he entered this world (more on that story later). So here we are finally in the place we want starting a new life, a more natural life, a more self sustainable life.

Or at least that’s the plan…. Join us and let’s see how this all goes.