Long time no see…

So I took some time off from the blog unintentionally though. Last summer things got so mundane I just couldn’t see a reason to post about it, no point in boring y’all with all that mess. It seemed like we were working on the well every week, so we couldn’t water the garden the way it needed so that was a bust, didn’t get much from it but hoping to have better success this year. I also started making soap last summer and have fallen in love with it! I was hoping to be able to start a business selling it once I had it all down and had hammered out my own recipe, unfortunately I decided to let a lady join me in making a batch one day as a way of making  a friend here and she took advantage of me. She already had a client base because she sold eggs, butter, and milk from her farm, she started selling milk soap to her clients before I had a chance to get my business started so because of that I have had no luck in getting anyone interested in my soaps. However I refuse to give up and will eventually make it work I’m just having to take it slow. Of all the things that happened last summer I think the best was my daughter’s first birthday it was so much fun watching her dig into her cupcake. Time flies by so fast, I hadn’t even realized it had been so long since I posted until I took time to look at my blog. 


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