Kitchen Fail

Yesterday I made my first batch of bread. I have never been good at baking, but I’m trying to change that. In the past Iv made biskuts that were like hockey pucks, rolls that were so sad it made you feel bad for them, and muffins that looked like they melted rather than baked. After talking with a few people more experienced than me at baking, i think my problem this time was bad yeast. I followed the recipe to a tee, but it turned out flat and heave like a brick. It never did rise even though it was 84° in my kitchen. This has been a learning experience and I plan on trying again after I get more yeast.

At least I can laugh at my fail.




One thought on “Kitchen Fail

  1. The flour you’re using also plays a huge role in the overall texture of your bread. I really like King Arthur all-purpose flour, but their bread flour is A+, too. I made my family biscuits that were like hardtack for Christmas this year, so I totally know the feeling!, if you’re up for giving it another shot, I can’t recommend this recipe enough. Also, don’t hesitate to get your hands in the dough to make sure there are no pockets of yeast/flour that are dry during your rise, this has happened to me in the past because (from my experience) many recipes don’t seem to call for enough water!

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