Chickens 🐤


Our chicken have been stuck in this little cage for the last few weeks since they got big enough for it. Today we upgraded their living space and moved them into the chicken coop. Although it had to have a little bit of work done on it before we could turn them loose in it.


My hubby and uncle worked together for fix a large hole in the roof of the old coop. Getting a farm second hand makes for lots of repairs but at least we have a jump on all the stuff needed to homestead.


We have 7 little chickens fingers crossed we can keep that number. We haven’t had good luck with chickens so far. The first batch of chickens we had did great until we moved them to the bigger cage outside, then one of our dogs decided they were crunchy and tasted great. ( sadly we no longer have that dog, 🐕 + 🚙 (road) = 😢) Anyway this second batch started out 12 strong then the heat light fell on 4 of them and broke there necks, the last 1 to die was eaten by the other chicks, not sure why. Chickens don’t seam to be my strong suit, but I’m starting to get the hand of this farm stuff.


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