Not every birth is easy part 3

Here we go again sorry it has been so long….

Finally they found blood and platelets and we were ready to go. I’m take back and prepped for my surgery, they strap me down to the table and start my IV anesthesia ( I remember thinking please let me wake up and see my baby as I drafted off). My son was born at 4:18 pm on April 2nd weighing 4 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 inches long. I woke up in the recovery room for about a minute, my husband tried to show me our son but I didn’t have my glasses so I couldn’t see him and I was still so out of it from the medicine. Threw the rest of the day our family and friends came in to see our son, while I was passed out in the bed. I can vaguely remember waking up one time and asking for a blanket and then passing right back out. I did not truly see my son until midnight that night. We were relieved we thought we were in the clear I had survived and so had our son, but the next morning brought more bad news. It was discovered that our son had a heart condition and would have to have surgery. On top of that he was developing jaundice and had to be moved to the NICU.
April 6th. At only 3 days old our son went in for his surgery. As we dropped him off at the door the doctor told us go ahead and say your goodbyes this may be the last time you see him alive. Meanwhile I was being relesed from the hospital and we had to find a place to stay for the night. We get a motel room and then go to get my prescriptions filled which means we end up driving around Oklahoma city for an hour trying to find a pharmacy that was open since it was after 5pm, and if you have ever been to OKC you know the pot holes are terrable which hurt so bad after my csection. Anyway our son finally comes out of surgery and was doing fine.
My husband had to go back home and go back to work the next day so my aunt stayed with me to help me get back and forth to baby boys room. We spent the next week and a half up there with him in the NICU. The day we finally got to bring him home was so magical.

As of now he’s doing good, he has regular checkups with a cardiologist and is having some trouble gaining weight but other than that he’s an amazing little boy. Who loves being a big brother, playing outside and working on daddy’s truck with him.

Thank you all for reading about our journey