Farmstead chaos

Wow! It’s been hectic on the farmstead. We’ve had one sick kid, a broke down well pump, another kid learning to crawl,  and a few other things happening all at once. I have felt like my head was going to explode from the chaos. My hope is that you all will forgive me for not posting for so many days. The biggest thing has been the well we have fought that darn thing for days now we think we have it fixed and then something else happens with it. By the time we get it all straightened out were gonna be pros with it (lol). We have it fixed to the point we have water but we keep getting sand so we’re gonna have to work on it some more maybe shorten the line or something. ( fingers crossed) I’m so done with messing with this I hope we get it totally fixed soon. My son was sick all week and had to miss school which to him is a punishment, at least right now I’m sure that will change as he gets older. Which is part of why it has been so hard to work on the well. Iv been running around behind him disinfecting everything trying to keep my baby girl from getting it too. Despite everything going on this past week we did get a reminder to take time and enjoy the little things, baby girl started trying to crawl. She has figured out how to stand on her hands and toes and then kinda throw herself forward to get places, and she has been doing her own version of the army crawl. Children grow up way to fast and it puts a smile on my face every time I get to take a minute and enjoy my kids. Don’t let the chaos get you down, embrace it, and use it as energy for other things. It has taken me way to long to learn that, but I’m glad that I have.


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