Fire starter


It’s almost that time of year again. Yes, the bonfire season is apon us, but that means you have to get the darn thing started first. That’s why I make my own fire starter using a few things from around the house. Ever wonder what to do with that left over wax from those wax warmers or candles once the smell is gone from them?


Items you need:
Egg carton
Dryer lint
Candle wax
News paper or old towel to protect table

Spread out the towel/paper and lay out your Items. Stuff the dryer lint into the egg carton.


Then pour the wax on the lint.


Let the wax set up and then you are good to go just break off one of the dimples when you need to start a fire. The lint and carton work as a wick and the wax cause them to burn slow enough that your fire has time to catch.


I use these to start campfires, the grill, or fires in the wood stove.


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