Let’s add 2


So it begins!

We have added to our farm family. Meet Flo (white) and skunk (black & white), these wonderful ladies have been a wonderful addition. They are slowly getting aclemated to their new home and seem to be doing well. When we got them flo was so bloated she looked like she was about to bust her side open. Thankfully, after getting her on new feed, it has started to go down. My son has been so excited to have new animals to feed and play with, although the goats are not so sure about playing with him right now. All in all we are so excited to have new farm family members, and start our journey twards the farm life we want.


2 thoughts on “Let’s add 2

  1. Awesome! If you ever need help with your girls, feel free to let me know. I raise dairy goats myself. Baking soda will help with the bloating that Flo has been having. Just keep a cup or two always available in their pen with them. They’ll eat it as they feel the need.


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