Biker wings

As I have mentioned before I had several uncle’s growing up, which made for lots of fun times. Unfortunately, due to bad luck we have lost most of them 4 to be exact. Here is another poem I wrote for one of those uncles when he passed.


Biker wings

He road with the wind in his hair and the Sun on his back, now he’s gone and won’t be coming back. This was unexpected it happened so fast, all we can do now is think about his past. He went out doing what he loves, you could always see him with his biker vest and his hands were always loved. As we sit here all we can do is cry, but we all know tommy is looking down on us from the sky. Its so sad that he had to die, but now with his biker wings he can always fly. We’re all stunned and don’t know what to do, none of us want to believe that this is true. We all wish him well as he ascends to the great Above, just like a lonesome Dove. So long are buddy, brother, or uncle we’re sure to see you again. Then you can tell us about all the places you have been.

In Living Memory of
George Thomas Crandall  
AKA (Animal)
Dec. 26th, 1958 – Sep. 09, 2006

Tommy was killed saving another in a freak motorcycle accident. Ironically he saved my husband’s cousin and he didn’t even know about me and hubby dating at the time. The two just happen to be part of the same motorcycle club, on a poker run that day. I won’t share more about his accident because it was pretty gruesome, but I will say please watch for motorcyclists whether you’re in a car, a truck, or a semi.


Farmstead chaos

Wow! It’s been hectic on the farmstead. We’ve had one sick kid, a broke down well pump, another kid learning to crawl,  and a few other things happening all at once. I have felt like my head was going to explode from the chaos. My hope is that you all will forgive me for not posting for so many days. The biggest thing has been the well we have fought that darn thing for days now we think we have it fixed and then something else happens with it. By the time we get it all straightened out were gonna be pros with it (lol). We have it fixed to the point we have water but we keep getting sand so we’re gonna have to work on it some more maybe shorten the line or something. ( fingers crossed) I’m so done with messing with this I hope we get it totally fixed soon. My son was sick all week and had to miss school which to him is a punishment, at least right now I’m sure that will change as he gets older. Which is part of why it has been so hard to work on the well. Iv been running around behind him disinfecting everything trying to keep my baby girl from getting it too. Despite everything going on this past week we did get a reminder to take time and enjoy the little things, baby girl started trying to crawl. She has figured out how to stand on her hands and toes and then kinda throw herself forward to get places, and she has been doing her own version of the army crawl. Children grow up way to fast and it puts a smile on my face every time I get to take a minute and enjoy my kids. Don’t let the chaos get you down, embrace it, and use it as energy for other things. It has taken me way to long to learn that, but I’m glad that I have.

Fire starter


It’s almost that time of year again. Yes, the bonfire season is apon us, but that means you have to get the darn thing started first. That’s why I make my own fire starter using a few things from around the house. Ever wonder what to do with that left over wax from those wax warmers or candles once the smell is gone from them?


Items you need:
Egg carton
Dryer lint
Candle wax
News paper or old towel to protect table

Spread out the towel/paper and lay out your Items. Stuff the dryer lint into the egg carton.


Then pour the wax on the lint.


Let the wax set up and then you are good to go just break off one of the dimples when you need to start a fire. The lint and carton work as a wick and the wax cause them to burn slow enough that your fire has time to catch.


I use these to start campfires, the grill, or fires in the wood stove.



Not long ago was the 7 year anniversary of my Uncle Phillips’ death. Which is hard for me every year. I took his passing pretty hard, we had to travel to Oklahoma City where he was in the hospital. On the way back that night from the hospital I am told I was unreachable as my then fiance drove us home, he and my cousin noticed that I was not speaking except for when I saw a turn signal come on I would say
” blinky, blinky, blinky” until it went off.
I did not have a father growing up so I became very close with my uncle’s and especially with my Uncle Phillip. He was even going to drive me into my wedding on his motorcycle which was just a few months later which may have been part of why it made it even harder to loose him, I wanted him there. He had been mediflighted to the city because of a car wreck but it kind of took us by surprise that he passed because the doctors told us he was doing better.

Anyway here is one of the poems I wrote for his funeral.

(Awaiting the light)

I remember being wheeled through the doors and into a room, with many doctors and nurses around me. For many hours I have laid here with them working hard. Finally I feel myself being moved again this time I am in my own room. I’m being hooked up to many machines, they make me uncomfortable I know that my family is not in the room. Where is my family, I need my family. I try to move when I notice that I am sore from top to bottom. I feel sleepy and I can’t speak to anyone, my sisters in enter, why can’t I speak to them. They continue to try to get me to answer them. Why, why, what is wrong. Why can’t I speak. I watch is my family comes and goes for days. Early one morning I awaken to a great pain in my head. No one is around. I’m scared and alone and I can’t get anyone to hear my scream. Many hours later I’m awake and I can move. I walked down the hall and find my family, they are all standing in a small room with sad looks on their faces. I try to speak to them this time I was able to say the words, but to my dismay again they could not hear me. I begin to cry and I try to help comfort them, but it’s not working. I begin to get a warm feeling in my belly, I hear my name mentioned and again I tried to say I’m fine. I look at my wife and say I’m fine. I’m right here. When I notice someone calling my name, a voice I have never heard before. A bright light begins to shine from behind me. I turn around to see the door open, & I am instructed to enter. I finally realized what has happened, to the floor I fall begging, pleading. “Please don’t take me, they need me.” The light begins to pull me in and I turn to watch my family as I leave. Although I knew they would not hear me I called out. “goodbye, goodbye, I love you, goodbye”!

I’m loving memory of
Phillip C. Crandall        Aka Jammer


American Soldier


Back when I was in high school I wrote a little poetry, and being as I wasn’t really sure what to post today I dug up my old notebook. It’s always interesting to look back at things that were important to you, especially when it’s writing.

This little diddy was the very first poem I ever wrote. Enjoy

( American Soldier)

They came from across the land,
Carrying our freedom in there hands.
Though we do not recognize them, they are there, many who will never be known but they do not care. For they do not fight for recognition, they fight for our right to speak as we wish. It is the American spirit that keeps them going. In times like now they keep us safe from those who wish to take all that we have worked so hard for. They are the soldiers we may not know their name but they all go by one name, America, that is who we are.

Let’s add 2


So it begins!

We have added to our farm family. Meet Flo (white) and skunk (black & white), these wonderful ladies have been a wonderful addition. They are slowly getting aclemated to their new home and seem to be doing well. When we got them flo was so bloated she looked like she was about to bust her side open. Thankfully, after getting her on new feed, it has started to go down. My son has been so excited to have new animals to feed and play with, although the goats are not so sure about playing with him right now. All in all we are so excited to have new farm family members, and start our journey twards the farm life we want.