Looking foward

I think cabin fever has started to kick in. I find myself thinking about all the things I need and want to get done this spring and summer. Iv been trying to plan a garden which is something iv never done so it’s been interesting. Doing research on how to set it up and what to plant. You see iv never had luck with plants until last year, my husband got me a small rose bush for Valentine’s and somehow iv managed to keep it alive so far. When we first moved in together my husband had a mint plant I tried helping him with it for 2 weeks and killed it, before that I got some cactus plants my senior year of high school I killed them within a month and a half. To say I had a brown thumb is an understatement, which is why I’m a little nervous about the garden but where there is a will there is a way ( or at least I hope, haha). Something else iv been thinking about is what animals we will be getting, of course chickens my son loves chickens and their great for several reasons. A few other animals we have been thinking about are pigs, goats, maybe some rabbits, a couple horses and my father-in-law already has cattle that we have been helping with. So many protects to get done this summer and they seem to be bouncing around in my head right now, I hope I can get them organized soon that way we have a plan and can get started as soon as it warms up. I’m feeling so cooped up I look forward to getting to start all these projects if nothing else just to get them out of my head.


Baby girl

Today I am thankful for huggies diapers. Our daughter has such sensitive skin we can’t use any other brand of diaper or wipes on her. We had a different brand given to us as a gift so we tried using them unfortunately she did not take to them well. She gets this very bad rash any time we use anything other than higgies, a rash that looks closer to a burn than a rash. She is doing better now that we got her back in her brand and put cream on the rash. Using cloth diapers was not something I was looking forward to having to do, if I had to use them to keep her safe I would, but I’m very glad huggies work.


Expect the unexpected this is Oklahoma after all. We have wasps living in the attic, I had hoped the snow would have froze them into hibernation but Noooo. Stupid things just keep coming, can’t even find where they keep getting in at. I was stung again today hurt like a bitch but at least it wasn’t the baby. My biggest fear right now is that she gets stung. Hopefully we can get rid of them soon. We have a few things we are going to try, but if any of you have any suggestions we will gladly try them. Our attic is a different then most because the house we are in is an old farm house that was built in sections and none of the ceilings are the same height so the attic is kinda like an obstacle course.

Deciding to blog

When I was in high school I used to write a lot, mostly poetry I was quite inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Going into college I thought I would become a journalist, but with time and the busyness of life things changed and it has been far too long since I’ve done any writing.
Until recently, I hardly knew anything about blogging, I had had very little experience with blogs. Yes, I had seen them thanks to links on Facebook and pinterest but most I hadn’t even realized were blogs. I still have plenty to learn about blogging, but I am willing to learn and look forward to it along with sharing my sucesses and failures at blogging and other projects on the farm. I am enjoying getting back to writing again, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

New Adventure

2015 brought many new things to our lives, after several years we finally moved to the farm. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter making our trio into a quartet, and my son started pre-k just to name a few.
With the start of 2016 I had an idea to share our struggles as we embark on this journey, because we have many things we need/want to do. After having our son almost 5 years ago my husband and I decided we needed a change thanks to the scary way he entered this world (more on that story later). So here we are finally in the place we want starting a new life, a more natural life, a more self sustainable life.

Or at least that’s the plan…. Join us and let’s see how this all goes.